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     Skeleton Crew is a code generation tool designed to save time and improve productivity by doing large amounts of work for you. Skeleton Crew does not generate full applications, full application tiers or ready to use libraries. It generates skeleton code for you to later modify.

     There's an important common denominator between relational database, xml and object oriented object models... In their own ways they all represent entities and their releationships. Of course they all have differences, after all they all have different purposes. However, to some extent it's useful to try and bridge that gap to allow one to work with another a little easier. That's what Skeleton Crew aims to do, to make transitioning from one to another a little less painful.

     Skeleton Crew has several tools for generating useful code. Some build code models from input such as XML and Pseudo.Net code, and some only produce snippets, such as the StringBuilder tool.

     Skeleton Crew introduces a new .Net language called Pseudo.Net. Psuedo.Net is a modeling language designed to speed model building by removing the need for implementation details and typing lengthy constructs such as properties. Its syntax is similar to C#, but it does not support expressions or statements, only type and member declarations. For more information on Pseudo.Net, click here.

     Check out Skeleton Crew's features, just download it and try it for yourself. Or try our live online demo of XML Modeler, XSD Modeler and Pseudo.Net Modeler.

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